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Wednesday, 20 september 2017



According to the work on the overhaul of the bridge across the river Esentai (Vesnovka) along the Abay avenue, the following changes will be made to the traffic scheme

17 september 2017
Almaty is celebrating the Day of the City
15 september 2017
The youth loft center in Depo Evolution Park was opened in Almaty
15 september 2017
Within the framework of the program "Ruhani Zhangyru" a new center has opened for working with youth in Almaty
14 september 2017
The Day of the city residents and guests of Almaty is waiting for a rich cultural and entertainment program
13 september 2017
A public reception room«Open Almaty» has opened for citizens in Almaty
13 september 2017
A new open athletics stadium has been built for the first time in the last 40 years in Almaty
12 september 2017
Japanese medical company plans to open a diagnostic center in Almaty for early spotting of cancer
08 september 2017
The governor of Almaty met with a special reporter of UN on the rights of disabled people
08 september 2017
A new center of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine IVF has opened in Almaty
07 september 2017
The Astana square has been reconstructed in Almaty
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