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Sunday, 28 may 2017



According to the work on the overhaul of the bridge across the river Esentai (Vesnovka) along the Abay avenue, the following changes will be made to the traffic scheme

25 may 2017
Additional funds have been allocated for the Almaty city’s development due to economy and taxe’s overfulfilment
25 may 2017
472 new yard will be built in Almaty
25 may 2017
"The last bell" has rung for 7804 school-leavers of the Almaty schools
25 may 2017
The first citywide job fair was visited by more than 15 thousand young Almaty citizens
23 may 2017
A plan of activities was represented for the project realization "Tugan zher" in Almaty
20 may 2017
The Almaty city’s governor met with the Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan, Alexander
19 may 2017
In Almaty the festival of national sports "Uly dala oiyndary " is taking place at the central hippodrome
19 may 2017
Payment terminals for receiving donations have been installed in the Central Mosque of Almaty
17 may 2017
An administrative center’s construction in Nauryzbay district will be finished in July in this year
12 may 2017
43,2 thousands m2 roadway’s repair has been done in Almaty
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