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Results of social and economic development of Almaty for 2009

A set of system and present-day tasks were placed at the session of Almaty Akimat on results of 2008 by Almaty Akim among them;

Realization of city action Plan and measures on stabilization of social and economical development of Almaty;

Introduction of new system of city planning;

Implementation of Memorandum on cooperation with NWF (National Welfare Fund) “Samryk-Kazyna”;

As of today all measures have been carried out or are being at process stage. And I will briefly announce in my report.

Let me to inform you on indicators and tendencies of social and economic development of Almaty for 2009 and concerning performed work on realization of anti-crisis measures.

Dynamic of falling-off of production is to be observed in the production. Volume index of production amounted to 91, 1% for year. But the last quarter was noted activity. As a result falling-off was reduced by 10 %.

Production and electric power distribution increased by18%, output of transport means and equipments – 40,6%. Production of textile goods increased by 44,9%. Production of milk, meat, tea and confectionary increased as well in food industry.

In December 2009 10 large and medium-sized industries are out of action, 17 industries declined the volume of production more than by 50%. Number of them has declined by 40% for 4 quarter 2009.

In December volume of investment in basic stock increased by37% .Generally the investment declined by 19, 7 %, contrary to 43, 6 % in basic stock at the beginning of 2009.

State support of construction sector allowed to provide a good progress rate of housing construction. Since the start of the year 1 million 50 thousand square meters of housing constructed that by 4 % more of similar period of the last year.

Special results are to be observed in development of small and mediumentrepreneurship. Volumes of good and service production are remained at the level of last year. Growth of number of active economic entity of small and medium entrepreneurship is to be observed in comparison with beginning of the year by 15,2%.

All planned measures on anti-crisis programme were realized :

Creation about 15 thousand job places;

Budget revenue of taxes in the volume KZT 11,6 milliard;

Provision of the Kazakhstan content about 84%.

Within the framework of investment projects KZT 108,4 milliard was used.

In 2009 all planned measures of Dorozhnaya karta are completed. 486 investment projects have been realized, about KZT 24 milliard was used including the means of republican budget KZT 14,5 milliard, local budget – KZT 9,5 milliard. 20 158 job places have been created.

The city has received following results:

Energetic – 21, 7 km of network has been reconstructed;

Transport – 344, 2 km automо bile road have been repaired;

Improvement -13 fountains, 8 parks and public gardens have been reconstructed;

Social sphere – 41 properties of education and health care have been repaired.

Realization of anti-crisis programme allows to carry out support of construction sector and solution of problems at the real estate market.

Since 2008 work on supporting of holders of a share in common property has been carrying out. It shows tangible results.

In 2009 the problems of 4306 holders were settled, 25 residential complexes have been putted in commission.

Realization of State housing programme is carried out. Generally 93 thousand square meters or 1244 apartments have been constructed.

About KZT 4, 8 milliard was used for construction of mortgage, leaseholder and municipal housing.

Industrial – innovative development of the city

Republican Map of country industrialization was formed. It has 2 projects, financed by NWF “Samruk-Kazyna”. (Over USA50 million dollars)

Preconstruction on project of industrial zone creation in Alatau district of Almaty have been carrying out.

Social sphere

In 2009 KZT 34, 7 milliard has been used for development of education in comparison with 2008 by 3, 55%.

Construction of schools and kinder gardens has been paid a lot of attention.

From 2008 six kinder gardens have been constructed including construction of two kinder gardens has been completed in 2009 in microdistrict “Shanyrak” on Raiymbek-Kazakova Streets. Construction of three kinder gardens is being conducted.

In 2008 four schools and three building extensions on 5850 studying seats and also in 2009 school on 1200 studying seats in microdistrict “Aigerim” have been constructed. It admitted to reduce the deficit by 27%.

Construction of school in microdistrict “Pyatiletka Turksiba” and building extension in microdistrict “Zhuldyz” have been continuing.

I would like to note that technical supply of new schools allows to go to new standards of education quality.

Free hot meals were organized for 1-4 forms pupils at all school.


About KZT 35, 1 milliard has allocated to development of healthcare in 2009 with growth of 15, 2 % by 2008.

Effectiveness indicators were introduced for improvement of medicine service quality in all state establishments of healthcare. Monitoring of its implementation is being conducted.

Generally, a good level of free medical aid was achieved. So birth rate increased by 8%, TB disease declined by 14 %. Volume of Emergency Call service has increased by 7%. And we have a positive dynamics on other indicators as well.

In spite of crisis, construction of healthcare properties was provided for the last year. Capital repair of 24 properties was carried out within the framework of Dorozhnaya karta.

Municipal economy. Energy and water service

Over KZT 27 milliard has directed to the development of energetic.

Extra powers were introduced at six substations of the city by company “Almaty Zharyk” that significantly increased the surety of consumer energy-supply.

Within the framework of concluded Memorandum with NWF “Samruk-Kazayna” the projects have been realizing:

-widening and reconstruction of TPP-2 (thermal power plant;

-construction of combined system of TPP-1;

-widening TPP-3.

Demonopolization of water service system of the city is carried out and transformation of it on differential tariff is provided. Economy of resources is assessed by 10%.

About KZT 65,3 milliard has directed to the development of transport infrastructure of state means in 2009 including KZT 57 milliard of republican transfers.

Two road interchanges on Al-Farabi-Zharokova and Tole-bi – Sain Streets have been constructed. Construction of Western lateral road has been conducting.

Construction of 41,6 km new roads has been conducting in microdistricts of individual construction. Within the framework of Dorozhnaya karta capital and medium repairs of highway 344, 2 km has completed.

Construction of international terminal in the airport of the city has been continuing using the funds of investing public. The first construction stage will be completed in 2010.

Consultation work on creating parking system of Almaty was carried out together with International finance corporation (IFC).

Municipal improvement, planting, ecology

Solution of ecological problems of the city is one of the prioritie of activity Akimat.

Expenses of 2009 on environment-oriented measures have increased by 46% in comparison with 2008.

All means are directed to the improvement of outside air, control of fuel quality, reconstruction of the rivers, fountains and planting of the city. In 2009 reconstruction of river belt 25 km was carried out, 13 fountains were repaired and 21 thousand trees are planted.

Municipal improvement of non-completed construction territory has been actively conducting. The zones are divided into 69 sites for sport and children’s rest, parking.

Concerning mobilization training, damage control and natural disaster.

In 2009 programme and electron card of defence to be allowed operatively to organize the activity of special services during emergency situation were worked out.

84 collecting point among them 10 railways, 35 automobile and 39 foot-mobile were created for conducting of evacuation efforts.

Republican military- economical trainings “Korgau-2009” on the base of training polygon of Military Establishment Army-Navy Institute of the country were carried out. Subdivisions of Almaly and Auezov districts took part in it.

Researches on hazard earthquake were carried out within the framework of jointly project with Japan Government.

Concerning budget for 2010 and a new system of planning.

Local budget for 2010 was approved in the amount of KZT 151 milliard fewer of 2009 budget.

It will be observed that the rate of budget confiscation for 2010 is set up in the amount of KZT 55 milliard that not permitted to plan financing of budget project development in the amount of KZT 25 milliard in the current year.

Under the circumstances measures on reconstruction of budget credit which given on realization of state housing construction program in the amount of KZT 6,5 milliard and putting-off of payment date for 2012 were taken measures.

Besides, at present an issue of output of municipal bonds of Almaty on financing of budget deficit is being worked out, which found by reducing of revenue side.

Due to taken measures we have been managed to avoid default and not allowed non-implementation of the city obligation.

It is necessary to raise effectiveness of budget means usage, to overview of current expand and to provide its optimization in the current year. We have reserves for this.

Apart from effective usage of budget means you should pay special attention to attract non-budgetary financing.

From 2010 realization of own Strategic plans for 2010-2014 has been started by all state bodies. Obligatory indicators to connect with budget financing were worked out with high-level ministries and administration.

In this regard it is necessary to get into gear on achievement of intended purpose, tasks and indicators of Strategic plans.

Ranking score of social and economic development of districts:

Auezov district- the1st place

Ме deu district –the 2nd place

Т urksib district -the 3rd place

Bostandyk district – the 4th place

Almaly and Zhetysu districts shared the 5th place

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