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Competence of Land Relations Department

Land Relations Department of Almaty was created by the decree № 1/11 of Almaty city Akimat (Administration) as of January 7th, 2005 in compliance with the governmental regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan №1022 « On approval of model structure of local public administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan » as of October 4th, 2004.

The department is the public authority that implements the functions of department in the field of land relations in the territory of Almaty, and is called to provide preparation of proposals and draft decisions on allotting and taking out of sites of land intra vires of city akimat (administration), and the work of land commission of Almaty and commission on registration of the rights to the sites of land in individual housing estate of Almaty.

Competence of Land Relations Department

In conformity with clause 14-1 of Land Code the followings refer to the competence of the department:

1) licensing of land use planning works;

2) preparation of proposals for grant of permission of Almaty Akimat to use land property for carrying out of survey works;

3) preparation of proposals on conversion of agricultural holding from one kind to another;

4) preparation of proposals on reservation of the lands for creation of specially protected natural territories of all kinds;

5) making out a balance sheets of lands of Almaty;

6) preparation of proposals and projects of Almaty Akimat on allocation of ground areas and change of their purpose;

7) giving out inquiries about presence or absence of ground areas;

8) giving the identification documents for the site of land on the basis of the decision of Almaty Akimat;

9) giving passports of the ground areas of agricultural purpose;

10) conclusion of purchase and sale contracts, land lease contracts and contracts of temporary unpaid land use;

11) registration of ownerless lands;

12) preparation of proposals for compulsory acquisition of the ground areas for the state needs;

13) defining divisibility and indivisibility of ground areas;

14) affirmation of cadastral values of definite ground areas sold in a private property by the state;

15) carrying out of land management and affirmation land use projects on formation of the

ground areas;

16) organization of working out of land zoning projects and programs, projects and schemes on rational use of lands of Almaty;

17) organization of tenders;

18) examination of programs, projects and schemes on use and protection of the lands;

19) record keeping of proprietors of the lands, land users, and other subjects of land legal relationship;

20) revealing of ground areas of unintended use.

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