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Saturday, 15 august 2020
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The first 140 people from large families have been employed in Almaty

In Almaty, more than 140 people have been employed by the city program initiated by Elbasy(the first president) to support the low-income large families “Bakytty otbasy”.

According to the father of six children, an invalid of group III, Aibek Kanapiyanov, , he came to the city employment center after having lost his job, where he was helped to work for the public organization Sunrise Group.

“Our organization is engaged in supporting visually impaired people. As a social worker, I conduct daily rounds of people with disabilities, check if everything is in order, if they need medications. Further I inform all their wishes to the management. The work is simple, but I consider it responsible. I feel my complicity,”shared Aybek Kanapiyanov.

In turn, the mother of five children, a disabled person of group I, Asel Zhakhina, got a job as a sculptor in the public association of persons with disabilities “Akniyet Um і ty”.

“In our workshop, all products are manufactured by people with disabilities. Craftsmen work with marble, gypsum, clay and metal. All of us are officially employed and are taxpayers, the pension is coming. This kind of work helps people with disabilities to get through socialization and appropriate adaptation in the best way possible, ”she emphasized.

It should be noted that graduates of universities and colleges, including those from low-income and large families, can take part in youth practice, which makes it possible to get the first work experience in the profession. For example, college graduate Ardak Serik became an interpreter at the United Citizens Found community foundation.

“In addition to translation and publishing of books, we teach children from poor families with many children to foreign languages. Youth practice became an opportunity for me to realize my potential without having experience in this profession, ”said Ardak Serik.

Earlier, in Almaty, a special program, “Bakytty Otbasy”, was adopted to provide comprehensive support to low-income large families of the city. It includes a preferential mortgage, scholarships for schoolchildren and students, a free kindergarten for large families with low incomes, starting from the second child, employment, the opening of a specialized Mother’s Center, etc.

The Department of Social Welfare recalled that any unemployed citizen can get a job by contacting the Almaty Employment Center. To do this, the applicant must have an identity card and a city registration. Address: Nazarbayev Ave. 50. Telephone for information: +7 (727) 224 20 00; +7 (727) 221 66 11.

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