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Saturday, 15 august 2020
Press-service / Press releases
31 october 2017
Almaty has been included in the net of creative cities of UNESCO

By the decision of General director of UNESCO Irene Bokova, the new members of the net of creative cities of UNESCO have become 64 cities from 44 countries of the world. Kazakhstan’s mega city Almaty has been in the list of it. The net of creative cities of UNESCO is in the forehead of strengthening the organizations which have been called upon the cooperativeness of the development of innovations and the creativity as the key factor of stable and inclusive development of the cities. The net involves the rising interest by the side of the local authorities.

17 october 2017
The acceptance of proposals for the concept of gardening in Almaty was extended until October 31

The working group on the development of the Concept of Gardening in Almaty city announces the extension of the deadline for acceptance of proposals in the Concept of Gardening in Almaty. Proposals will be accepted until October 31, 2017 inclusive.

16 october 2017
In Almaty within the framework of "Ruhani zhangyru" a children's inclusive playground was opened

In Almaty, the Park of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan opened an inclusive site adapted for children of different ages and opportunities. Funds for the equipment of the children's complex and its installation were collected during a charity auction in December 2016, thanks to the private sponsors of the city and the DARA foundation.

06 october 2017
Press release

5,000 jobs will be created in Almaty due to redistribution of budget funds

05 october 2017
Deratization in the Almaty city

Dear citizens of Almaty! Since September 25, with the financial support of the Almaty city’s executive committee, a complete deratization has been carried out throughout the city, which will end on October 30, 2017, according to the approved schedule.

20 july 2017
Annual International Festival "International Mountain Sports Festival" will be held in Almaty

From July 28 to July 30, the annual international festival "International Mountain Sports Festival" dedicated to the development of mountain tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held in Almaty. Leading experts of the industry will discuss the global market of world ski tourism, the place of Almaty in it and the influence of the tourist industry on the economy of the city. In addition to the forum within the framework of the festival, the Musical Sports Marathon, Shymbulak family day and the mass alpiniad on the Molodezhny Peak.

28 april 2017
A town-planning council of the Almaty city approved a number of projects.

The building of a specialized private school and four multi-apartment housing complexes were approved in the meeting of the town-planning council. It will create more than two thousand jobs, a hundred of them will be permanent. In addition, an extension to the school and four kindergartens will be built by the private funds, two of them will be given to the communal property. When constructing residential buildings, constructers are obliged to build parking lots for 1500 places and to plant more than two hectares of the city’s territory.

15 april 2017
More than 180 thousand Almaty residents took part in the Public Saturday Day of the city

The Almaty city’s governor Bauyrzhan Baibek took part in the planting of young fir trees within the framework of the city ’s Public Saturday Day in the botanical garden. Since 2006 , the garden have been included in the list of specially protected natural areas of national importance and this year will celebrate its 85th anniversary.

14 april 2017
The governor of Almaty city visited to a new center of public transport driver’s qualification.

The governor of Almaty city, Bauyrzhan Baibek has got acquainted with the work of the only one qualification center of transport specialists in Kazakhstan. It carries out the training for public transport drivers

12 april 2017
The construction of first high-tech factory in the country producting the large-diameter steel pipes has started in Almaty

Today there has been a solemn ceremony of laying the capsule in the Industrial Zone territory of Alatau district in Almaty, which gave the start to the country's first high-tech factory construction producting a large-diametered welding steel pipe for the transportation of oil, gas, water and oil products used in mining, in construction and in power engineering.

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