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Sunday, 27 may 2018

Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness


24 may 2018
Almaty and Denmark establish a cooperation in the field of transport, health and energy
24 may 2018
The governor of Almaty checked the process of transport construction and the city’s pedestrian infrastructure
22 may 2018
The central park of Almaty will be reconstructed
22 may 2018
The executive committee of Almaty returns sidewalks to pedestrians
18 may 2018
In Almaty, "Tastak" market and "Sayran" station square will be modernized
17 may 2018
New interchanges will be appeared on the small transport ring of Almaty
15 may 2018
All urban markets will be modernized in Almaty
14 may 2018
In Almaty, the winners of children’s hockey tournament«Almaty Arena Cup» have been awarded
11 may 2018
In Almaty there will be built 9 fountains
10 may 2018
A powerful developer of Katar is investigating the opportunity of investment in Almaty
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