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Wednesday, 26 september 2018

Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness


26 september 2018
A new governor of Auezov district was appointed in Almaty
25 september 2018
District’s governors were appointed in Almaty
25 september 2018
The governor of Almaty met with the mayor of Abome-Kalavi, the Republic of Benin
25 september 2018
Almaty’s governor ordered to continue the landscaping around the lake "Sayran"
25 september 2018
In Almaty, reconstruction of the park "Yuzhny" will be completed within a month
21 september 2018
Buses were renewed on several routes in Almaty
18 september 2018
The governor of Almaty met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany
17 september 2018
Heating season preparation is over in Almaty
16 september 2018
Almaty citizens celebrate the birthday of "the city of a thousand colors"
14 september 2018
More than 1,000 trees will be planted on the renewed Abay avenue in Almaty
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