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Friday, 21 june 2019
19 june 2019
Another co-working center has been opened for youth in Almaty
18 june 2019
The annual graduate festival "Zhas Tulek-2019" took place in Almaty
14 june 2019
Bauyrzhan Baybek checked the tempo of reconstruction of Almaty streets
13 june 2019
Bauyrzhan Baybek checked the reconstruction of roads within the framework of Vision Zero
12 june 2019
Reconstruction of Dostyk and Zhibek Zholy begins in Almaty
07 june 2019
Bauyrzhan Baybek checked the tempo of social infrastructure development in Auezov district
07 june 2019
The international festival “Uly Dala – Koshpendiler Alemy” is held in Almaty
06 june 2019
In Almaty the city rental service of electric scooters has been started
06 june 2019
On behalf of Elbasy(the first president Square near the building of the Foundation named after the First President will be transferred to the city
05 june 2019
In Almaty, an embankment built along the river Esentai

Article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”


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