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Friday, 26 april 2019

Article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”


21 april 2019
Hyundai car factory will be built in Almaty
20 april 2019
Representatives of 30 countries of the world came to Almaty to the International Forum of the World Confederation of Ethnosport
19 april 2019
In Almaty, new schools and kindergartens will be built for the expense of economy
18 april 2019
In Almaty, the realization of social programs of Elbasy (The First President) has been reviewed
16 april 2019
The head of the Department of Social Development of Almaty has been appointed
14 april 2019
Alley of Japanese Sakura will appear in Almaty
13 april 2019
Within the framework of the citywide Jasyl Meken action, nearly seven thousand trees have been planted in one day in Almaty
12 april 2019
This weekend more than 6 thousand trees will be planted in Almaty.
12 april 2019
In Almaty 200 new gas buses will start its services in June
12 april 2019
More than 460 new buses will be on the routes in Almaty
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