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Thursday, 28 may 2020
Bauyrzhan Baibek inspected the modernization of urban infrastructure in Almaty
02 august 2018

The governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek checked the tempo of modernization of the transport and pedestrian infrastructure of the megapolis during the daily working tour.

In addition to the previously renovated streets of Panfilov, Zhibek Zholy, Gogol, Kabanbay batyr, Bayseitova, Tolebaev and Astana square, the reconstruction of the historic city center is underway, along with several other avenues of Almaty.

Prospects of Abay, Abylai khan, Nazarbayev, Dostyk, Zheltoksan, Abay Square and the square near Almaty-2 are covered by this year's modernization. Today, there is an expansion of pedestrian areas, the reconstruction and construction of new fountains, the installation of small architectural forms and modern street furniture, as well as the planting of deciduous trees to create shaded spaces with the preservation of existing green spaces.

In addition, on these sites, complete reorganization of engineering networks, laying pavers and irrigation ditches, the installation of a watering system, renovation and repair of building facades. Within the "Safe City" direction, all old lighting poles are replaced with modern LED lights. On the streets to be reconstructed, modern traffic lights will be installed and all old metal structures will be removed at intersections. Contractor organizations are working to dismantle unused structures, numerous poles, fences and illegal extensions, making it difficult for pedestrians.

At Abay square in front of the Palace of the Republic, installation of fountains and electric lighting equipment will begin soon. In addition, the facade of the neighboring cinema "Arman" and the night illumination of the hotel "Kazakhstan" will be updated. In turn, at the station square "Almaty-2" with the purpose of organizing the safe movement of pedestrians, transport logistics will be completely revised and the territory of gardening will be increased.

In general, during the repair of city streets, construction of new sidewalks along the races to yards will be organized, which will improve the safety of pedestrians.

On the same day, Bauyrzhan Baibek checked the process of construction of a high-speed bus corridor along Timiryazev Street, which would cover the densely populated areas of Almaty.

As part of the reconstruction of the street, sidewalks, irrigation canals and bicycle paths are being repaired in parallel, as well as re-engineering of engineering networks, dismantling of illegal annexes and fences. Road construction works on the carriageway are planned to be completed before the end of the month of this year.

At the same time, conditions are created for cars that will leave the BRT corridor. Today almost 160 streets are being repaired in all parts of the city, three new traffic interchanges are being built to increase capacity on the small transport ring, bridge structures are being expanded, tramways are being dismantled with the increase in the carriageway, and one-way traffic has been organized in eight central streets of the city.

During the working tour, the head of the metropolis got acquainted with the ongoing work on piercing Nazarbayev Avenue to Zhansugurov Street, which would significantly reduce the load on the Seyfullin Prospect in the directions "North-South".

Today, the work on the construction of all supports (bored piles, grills, racks, crossbars) and the construction of a foundation under the stairways has been completed in full in this section. Currently, the installation of a metal span structure, a barrier and perimeter fencing of a flyover, the reconstruction of a water pipe, a retaining wall.

It should be noted that this summer more than 150 streets with a length of about 160 km are being repaired in Almaty. Major overhaul covers all underground passages. According to the principle of polycentricity, landscaping is being carried out in all districts of the city. If 500 Almaty courts were repaired last year, this year they will update more than 600 yards in all districts of the city.

Over the last year almost 800 km of engineering networks have been built and reconstructed in the metropolis, including 313 km of water supply, 266 km of sewerage, 150 km of the power supply network and 32.3 km of the heat supply network.

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