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Thursday, 23 may 2019
Baum grove’s seized land was returned to the city
07 august 2018

After the transfer to the communal property of Almaty city, the territory of the natural monument "Baum Grove", the executive committee of the city uncovered the unauthorized seizure of a number of land plots by private persons and car dealers for parking.

At the end of June during the working visit Almaty’s governor Bauyrzhan Baibek instructed in accordance with the legislation to return the grasped lands of the grove and carry out their gardening. According to the Office of Natural Resources and Nature Management, today all land in the largest and greenest metropolitan area is returned to the city.

In addition, in order to ensure public safety along the perimeter of the park zone, four round-the-clock police posts, navigational plates in the eco-style and benches made from previously fallen trees were installed. The planting of oak, chestnut and birch avenues is planned.

Biological processing of green plantations will be carried out with the use of modern preparations to improve the immunity of trees and protection against pests. The task is set to expand the flora and fauna of the natural zone.

It should be noted that in Almaty, only a few more land plots have returned to state ownership in recent years.

By a resolution of the executive committee, the agreement with Atakent CCC will be terminated for the right to temporary lease of a land plot of 23 hectares. The company "TURKUAZ GROUP OF COMPANIES" voluntarily abandoned the site for the construction of a residential complex in the park "South".

With one of the second-tier banks, an agreement was reached to transfer the site in the square of the streets of Rozybakiev-Strauss-Eskarayev-Radostovets. In the indicated territory, where the Sak burial mound is located, it is planned to build an open-air museum.

At the same time, the Almaty’s executive committee included the city racecourse and the bus station "Sayran" in the preliminary list of objects of historical and cultural heritage.

The governor of the city Bauyrzhan Baibek last week instructed to consider the inclusion of the former building of the Turksib hospital along Abay street into the list of monuments of the history of Almaty.

Inclusion of the object in the list of historical and cultural heritage will prevent changes in the appearance of the building, its redevelopment, modification of load-bearing structures, extensions, changes in the designation and violation of the guard zone. Any measures related to the repair and reconstruction of the building are carried out with the approval of the authorized body.

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