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Monday, 6 april 2020
The governor of Almaty is planning to renew public transport to 80% this year
13 august 2018

Within the framework of the transport reform, the public transport of Almaty is renewed. During the working visit the governor of the city Bauyrzhan Baibek checked the new buses of routes No. 17 and No. 62, which connect the remote districts of the city center.

Today the city's auto park has 1560 buses. At the end of the year, it is planned to increase the share of new public transport to almost 80%.

It should be reminded that last year 479 buses were bought, 80% of them w ere purchased from the local budget. This year 569 buses are planned to be bought , 65% of them are from private companies.

15 buses of the ISUZU brand, Olzhas LTD LLP, were purchased by the private carrier of LLP "Duman Trans" on the route number 17, buses of a similar brand were used to service route No. 62. LLP "Talap T" purchased five new buses of the brand Yutong to strengthen the route number 57.

At the same time, there continue to be complaints about the quality of service provided by a number of private carriers, including Green Bus, which covers almost 40% of the market. Until now, there are facts of the demand for cash payment and the corresponding secret "plan", a low service culture, etc. According to the head of the city, if the carriers are not put in order, it is necessary to limit the support of the city.

"For us, the most important thing is the service. We are completely focused on the interests of citizens. We had a good service: people are happy, the buses are new and clean, the drivers are cultural, then we are providing subsidies. Some criterion is not fulfilled - we take money.

Three years ago we started the transport reform and created a transparent system that allows private companies to invest their own funds. We initially told the carriers - legalize, show your income and expenses. For example, today the company "Duman Trans" invested its own funds and another half got in the bank thanks to the same electronic system of billing. The bank would never give money to develop an opaque business, "said Bauyrzhan Baibek.

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