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Tuesday, 20 august 2019
A new public school for 1200 seats has opened in Nauryzbay district of Almaty
01 september 2018

In Almaty, in a joined Nauryzbay district, a new public school №200 has opened. All conditions for uninterrupted education of disabled children have been done. The city’s governor, Bauyrzhan Baibek met with the parents and the pupils of a new school for 1200 places.

There are the robotic techniques classes, the specialized physics and chemistry classes, the living rooms for parents, the play grounds, etc. A special attention is paid to seismic safety. According to it, all the furnitures are fixed to the walls.

The school building is equipped with tactile paths, classes with a relief-dot Braille for the blind and special lanterns for weak eye-sight children, special sanitary rooms and call buttons.

"It is a very comfortable school. There is an elevator, and it is very convenient for a stroller. We came to our motherland four years ago from China. Unfortunately, such children as my Zura are not taught everywhere. I dreamed to remove there, so that my daughter could get an education in Kazakhstan. Thanks to the Head of State that such conditions are done for children in the country. We came from another country, but we were not separated from other people, we were not abandoned. I dream that my daughter will cope with it". - said the mother of the first-grade, Moldasan Gulbibi.

The first-grade pupil mentioned that she was satisfied with the new school and she already met with her classmates.

In total, today the first call sounded for more than 240 thousand Almaty schoolchildren, including 25 thousand first-grade pupils. In that day four new schools for 2300 seats opened their doors in Almaty.

It should be mentioned that this year in Almaty for the construction and overhaul of educational institutions allocated more than 17 billions tenge.

9 state kindergarden’s construction for 1840 seats are being done. In the new academic year, another 4 state kindergarden’s construction for 840 seats will begin.

№26 school building’s construction has been completed. The state correctional kindergarden for 90 seats has opened. In the Alatau district an extension to the school No. 151 for 600 places will be done. At the beginning of the second academic quarter, a school for 600 places and No. 184 and 185 schools’ annexes for 400 seats will open here.

Within the framework of the Five Social Initiatives of the President, the next three years, 37 hostels will be built in Almaty. Nowadays, construction of 7 buildings for 4 000 seats is being done. Four of them will be finished this year.

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