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Saturday, 15 august 2020
A new director of health care has been appointed in Almaty
17 october 2018

Almaty’s governor Bauyrzhan Baybek presented a new director of the health care department ,Kanat Tosekbaev, during the meeting with the medical community of the city .

During the past years, positive results have been achieved in Almaty in all major indicators of public health, and the equipment of organizations with modern medical equipment is almost 80%. Electronic health passports cover already 94% of the fixed population. All city polyclinics will be converted to paperless format at the end of the year, As the part of the medical reform, patient care time has been reduced by 20%, and waiting in line is 30%.

“The head of state always draws an attention to the sphere of health care, which is reflected in the recently announced Missive to the people of the country. From January 1, by the order of the President, the salary of local health workers who have introduced the new approaches to disease management will be gradually increased by 20%. Only in Almaty, this measure will affect 1028 doctors of the district service, whose salary will be 199,416 tenge and 2,400 nurses with an increase to 130,766 tenge, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

At the same time, the population continues to receive complaints about the quality of the services provided by the city’s medical organizations. All this is a consequence of inefficient management and the opacity of these institutions. Almaty governor set a number of primary tasks for the new head of the department, requiring fundamental and systemic approaches.

So, it is necessary to ensure full transparency of the activities of medical organizations and to take the most stringent measures of influence against the leaders who have committed violations of a corruption nature. Representatives of medical organizations should monitor all complaints from citizens and respond to them in a timely manner. In addition, heads of organizations will regularly report to the population of the territories served and publish their financial statements.

The new management is tasked with reviewing the composition of supervisory boards at city medical institutions with the mandatory inclusion of representatives of NGOs, the media and bloggers, while excluding their affiliation. In turn, the internal audit services of organizations should be directly accountable only to supervisory boards.

In addition, it is necessary to transfer the purchase of medicines from the local budget into an electronic format, and when purchasing medical equipment it is necessary to strictly control the examination of its real value.

In order to improve the quality of management in the urban health sector, a reform will be carried out both in the management and in the medical organizations themselves, including through the consolidation of medical institutions, optimization of management units and staff.

In order to ensure the availability of medical services for the population, multilevel and multidisciplinary hospitals with a change in their organizational and legal form will be created according to the principle of polycentricity in each city area.

The Health Department is charged with developing a specific mechanism for appointing managers of medical organizations on a competitive basis. At the same time, their activities should be strictly tied to the results achieved. According to the governor, you need to create appropriate social elevators and choose leaders on the principle of meritocracy.

It is worth noting that the new head of the department began his career as an ambulance paramedic. At various times, he worked as chief doctor in the children's infectious diseases hospital in Almaty and the emergency medical service station in Astana. Before it, he directed the Department of Health Care in the West Kazakhstan Region. He is a graduate of the Kazakh State Medical University and the University of Hannover.

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