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Tuesday, 21 january 2020
Deputies of the party "Nur Otan" made proposals to the budget of Almaty for 2019
12 december 2018

In Almaty, at a meeting of the faction of the Nur Otan party, they reviewed the progress in implementing state programs and made a number of proposals to the city budget for 2019.

During the meeting with the deputies, Almaty’s governor Bauyrzhan Baybek stressed that the budget of the city will retain a social orientation and will be focused on the implementation of the Head of State’s Address and the Almaty 2020 city program, where the main principle is taking care of every person, which fully complies with the political Doctrine of the Party. Nur Otan.

“For the realization of the Address of the Head of State, where unprecedented measures of support for the population are defined, a citywide plan of 106 events was adopted, all necessary resources were allocated. Our task is to make Almaty a comfortable, safe and prosperous city. At the same time, no important decision is made in the city without the participation of the Nur Otan party, its deputy group in the maslikhat. For example, deputies recommended to increase the amount of budget funding and monitor the need for medium repair of local roads, as well as create a commission to monitor and audit the distribution of medicines for patients with rare and orphan diseases, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

At the meeting of the faction, deputies of the ruling party focused on the need to ensure water supply, repair and construction of roads in the newly annexed areas.

“Frequent calls come precisely from the annexed areas, where the infrastructure requires development compared to the city center. After work on the construction of water supply and sewage networks, some roads became unusable. Considering the numerous requests of residents, we ask you to allocate budget funds in the amount of 1.8 billion tenge, ”said Maslikhat deputy Rahman Alshanov.

In turn, a member of the faction Sergey Kozlov drew attention to incoming appeals from residents regarding the need for outdoor lighting networks.

“As chairman of the commission on economics and budget, together with the Department of Economics, I made preliminary calculations, according to which 808.3 million tenge is needed for coverage in a number of areas of the city, including Alatau and Nauryzbay,” he said.

In addition, members of the parliamentary faction proposed to consider issues of support for the elderly and the organization of their active leisure, the construction of schools in the neighborhoods "Darkhan", "Zarya Vostoka", "Rakhat-Madeniet" and "Trudovik". At the same time, members of the Nur Otan party also asked for funds to support children with special needs, including those diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, mental retardation and psycho-speech development.

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