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Thursday, 18 july 2019
Almaty police are fully provided with vehicles and tablets for electronic protocols
14 december 2018

During a working visit, Almaty’s governor Bauyrzhan Baybek examined 70 new domestic police cars running on gas. The city police car park has been fully equipped, which should have a positive effect on the efficiency of the department.

As the head of the city police department, Serik Kudebaev says that each car is equipped with GPS navigators and video-audio fixation tools. In addition, the entire road patrol service is provided with tablets and chest video recorders. Thus, the protocol will be issued only in electronic form, and in the first quarter of next year, the possibility of paying a fine with a bank card directly at the place of violation will be introduced.

The governor of Almaty noted that the issues of ensuring the safety of citizens and the sustainable development of the city are fundamental and priority areas for the authorities of the metropolis.

“Today we are investing in the informatization of the security sphere, we are introducing new technologies in order to minimize the human factor, to eliminate corruption factors. The number of CCTV cameras is increasing, various systems are being used, but it should be understood that the main goal is not to fine, but to discipline road users and, accordingly, to reduce the number of accidents. For 3 years, the local budget has allocated significant funds to equip the police, that is, all conditions are created, so we will demand the appropriate efficiency of the police according to the service principle, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

In general, the material and technical equipment of the city police was increased to 87%. Over the past three years, 468 vehicles have been purchased. In all areas, transparent front police offices will be opened at the expense of the local budget. Application processing time will be reduced by 3 times. The work of the service “102” is being improved; today the number of service operators has been increased 2.5 times.

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