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Thursday, 17 october 2019
Transformation of Almaty’s executive committee: how the city management will change
23 january 2019

The renewal of the executive committee of Almaty is fully connected with the public request that has emerged in the city today. This is a need to improve the environment, security, the need for a comfortable infrastructure and new public spaces while preserving the historical appearance of the city.

Today, the city is developing rapidly, high quality of life and a large labor market are attracting more and more new residents. Every year, the population of the city grows by an average of 50 thousand people. According to the forecasts of foreign experts, in about 15 years it is expected that it will reach more than 3 million people, which will require providing more than 700 thousand people with new intellectual jobs, with a 1.5 times increase in labor productivity. At the same time, in order to maintain a high quality of life, it is necessary to ensure the growth of the city’s economy at least 5%.

The governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek notes that the reform is designed to give a new progress to the development of the city, to restructure the thinking of the executive committee employees themselves and to identify new priorities.

“We have been going to this day for three years within the framework of the implementation of the“ Almaty 2020 ”program, one of the basic principles of which is efficient and cost-effective solutions based on best practices. We carried out many reforms “in manual control” - on public transport, digitalization, creation of comfortable public spaces, management of urban assets. Now their institutional consolidation and development is necessary. We have introduced new tools - a project management office with a portfolio of 50 key driver projects and their monitoring through special software. Created digital channels "feedback". Taking into account the appeals of citizens and the analysis of big data, management decisions are made and the city budget is formed, ”emphasizes Bauyrzhan Baybek.

For example, the newly created green economy management has already been instructed to create a reliable platform for determining all sources of pollution using big data, and for the new city mobility management to develop and adopt a road safety program “Almaty Vision zero”.

According to the governor, as a result of the transformation, the work of all departments and district’s executive committee will be completely rebuilt, and six departments will be completely eliminated by transferring functions to other structural divisions. This will allow not only to reduce managerial and auxiliary posts, but also to redirect the released units to strengthen the departments working closely with the population.

“We pay attention to the needs of the city and people. Such words as “society”, “society”, “city”, “urbanism” are reflected in the names of nine departments. During the month, missions, goals and objectives, specific measurable indicators for each agency will be approved. I am sure that this is the only way we will change the consciousness - from process to result, ”says Bauyrzhan Baybek.

For this, a big and painstaking work is needed to optimize business processes, introduce digital technologies and corporate governance, as well as improve the quality of public services.

It should be mentioned that the Situation Center Almaty, a big data platform for efficient city management in real time, was opened earlier on the basis of the Scientific Research Institute “Almaty GENPLAN” created on behalf of the Head of State. The system collected all data on traffic, the daily volume of passenger traffic of public transport, data on the workload of schools and kindergartens. The analysis of the crime situation and the monitoring of budget execution are carried out. Based on the analysis of Big Data, many-year predictive modeling of various urban indicators is already being built. Among them are economic efficiency, the size and composition of the population, the influence of indirect factors on the socio-economic development of the city.

List of new departments of Almaty’s executive committee:

1. Public Development Directorate (Domestic Policy Directorate, Youth Policy Directorate and Religious Affairs Directorate)

2. The Office of Urban Control (the Office of State Architectural and Construction Control and the Office for the Control of Use and Protection of Land)

3. Social Welfare Administration (State Labor and Migration Board and Office of Employment and Social Programs)

4. Business Administration and Investments (Business Administration and Industrial Innovation Development and Agriculture and Veterinary Administration)

5. Managing a comfortable urban environment (Construction Management)

6. Green Economy Management (Natural Resources and Environmental Management)

7. Office of Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure Development (Office of Energy and Public Utilities)

8. Office of Urban Mobility (Office of Passenger Transport and Highways)

9. State Assets Office (Finance Department)

10. Office of Urban Planning and Urban Development (Department of Architecture and Urban Planning)

11. Management of strategy and budget (Department of Economics and Budget Planning)

12. Housing Policy Department (Housing and Housing Inspectorate)

13. Department of Tourism (Department of Tourism and External Relations)

14. Department of Public Health (Department of Health)

15. Department of Culture (Department of Culture and Archives)

16. Management of sports (Management of physical culture and sports)

17. Department of Land Relations

18. Department of Education

Besides it, the languages’ development center of and the transition to the latin schedule, the unified personnel development service, the international cooperation service and the public relations service will be created under the governor’s staff.

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