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Monday, 27 may 2019
In which streets of Almaty will be reconstructed the irrigation ditch networks?
29 january 2019

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of the city of Almaty (transformed into the Department of Green Economy) together with the regional executive committee checked and made a list of streets for the development of design and estimate documentation for the construction and reconstruction of irrigation ditch networks for 400 km until 2021.

In the city they began the work on the construction and reconstruction of networks on 57 streets. These measures are aimed at improving the drainage of storm water in various parts of the city.

In general, over the past three years, more than 300 km of irrigation ditch networks have been built and reconstructed in Almaty, nine river beds have been reconstructed, and the number of flood-prone areas has been shortened from 67 to 12. The shore protection and improvement of the adjacent territory on the 7.7 km river has been completed. Protective structures strengthened unstable parts of the slopes of HES1 – BAO and Medeu-Shymbulak.

In addition, the construction of two new drainage dams, Aksay and Ayusay, is planned, and the reconstruction of the Mynzhylky dam is being completed. Bank protection and improvement of four flood-prone rivers Ermensay, Kerenkulak, Ulken and Kishi Karasu, as well as the course of the Esentai river with a length of 1.8 km is carried out.

List of streets where the reconstruction and construction of irrigation ditch networks are written below here.


Almaly district:

  • Bogenbai batyr from Nauryzbay batyr to Rozybakiyev
  • Karasai Batyr from Nurmakov to Radostovets (north)
  • Karasai Batyr from Masanchi to Sharipov (north)
  • Shagabutdinov from Makatayev to Tole Bi
  • Bayzakov from Shevchenko to Rayymbek to the collector
  • Caucasian from Tlendiev to Tsiolkovsky
  • Brusilovsky from Vasnetsov to Tole bi (west)
  • Turkebayev from Abay to Tole bi (both sides)
  • Volkhovskaya from Caucasian to Rayymbek
  • Beketov from Tlendiev to Borodin
  • Borodn from Beketov to Rayymbek
  • Panfilov from Zhibek-Zholy to Rayymbek
  • Maulenov from Abay to Shevchenko
  • Maulenov from Karasay batyr to Bogenbay batyr
  • Amangeldy from Abay to Kurmangazy
  • Jumaliev from Zhambyl to Gogol
  • Nurmakov from Tole bi to Gogol
  • Isaev from Tolebi to Gogol
  • Tchaikovsky from Mametov to Rayymbek
  • Shagabudinov from Abay to Kurmangazy
  • Gogol from Jumaliev to Auezov
  • Aimanov from Kurmangazy to Shevchenko
  • Anosova from Tolebi to Rayymbek
  • Ayteke bi from Shagabudinova to Kozhamkulova street
  • Shevchenko from Zharokov to Radostovts
  • Shevchenko from Kozhamkulov to Mukanov
  • Seyfullin with punching Rayymbek in the collector


Bostandyk district:

  • Araily from Remizovka to Zheltoksan with all lanes
  • Tauzhiegi from Araily to the upper turn of the cottage town of Assem Tau
  • Central from Zhuldyz to Taldy
  • Taldy from Central do.Zheltoksan
  • Zheltoksan from the Eastern Shop Baganashyl to Taldy
  • Suyunbay from Zheltoksan till the end
  • Rayymbek from Zheltoksan to md. Yermansay
  • Underground collector with the Koktau brigade, the Tan s / t, south of Al-Farabi Ave. and west of the Remizovka road
  • st. Zhambyl
  • Talapty from Prifermskaya to Zheltoksan
  • mkr. "Aktobe, Ak-Kaiyn", Komsomolskaya from the passage to Raimbek
  • mkr. "Aktobe, Ak-Kaiyn", Alatau from Raimbek to the residential complex Mountain Valley
  • mkr. "Aktobe, Ak-Kaiyn", Rayymbek from Komsomolskaya to Almaly


Zhetysu District:

  • Angarsk from house number 53 to the river Esentay
  • Markelova from Summer to the river Esentay
  • Ainabulak-2 from house number 20 to the river Esentay
  • Rayymbek from Krylov to Kuderin
  • Pavlodar from Palladin to the river "Esentai"
  • Angarsk along the cemetery to the river Esentai
  • Panfilov from house number 14 to a dead end
  • Seifullin from 1 overpass to the collector
  • Town Hall from Ryskulov to Kazybaev
  • Spataev from house number 16 to Gastello
  • Ryskulov from Zhangeldin to noun.lotka


Turksib district:

  • Spasskaya from Zemnuhov to Bekmakhanov
  • Zemnukhov


Medeu district:

  • Ospanov from Zhamakayev to r.Esentai
  • Zhamakaev from Ivanilov to Al-Farabi
  • along the passage of the State Museum Nazarbayev, Mendikulov, Zholdasbekov
  • Chaplin from Klubnaya to the river
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