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Sunday, 18 august 2019
More than 120 streets will be repaired in Almaty in this year
07 february 2019

In Almaty, during this year the average repair will cover more than 120 streets. Besides it, more than 50 km new roads will be built in six micro districts of the city.

According to the Department of Passenger Transport and Roads (transformed into the Office of Urban Mobility), it is also planned to build new sidewalks for pedestrians and finish the reconstruction of Zhandosov street through the BRT line.

Punching of Abay avenue and Saiyn street, construction of traffic intersections at the intersections of Seifullin avenue with Zhansugurov street and Ryskulov avenue with Kuldzhinsky highway and Yemtsova street will be continued. It is planned to begin construction of a new road connection at the intersection of Bukhtarma street with the Guldzhinsky Highway or the so-called “airport” ring.

The governor of the city ordered to do the work in optimal time and the minimal inconvenience for citizens. Special attention will be paid to the construction of sidewalks and the drainage system, the dismantling of unused structures and landscaping. At each facility, a passport will be installed with the contacts of the director of the contracting company, the organization carrying out technical supervision and the deadline for completion of the work.

It should be mentioned that 524 streets were repaired in Almaty before, including the reconstruction of Mustafin, Suleimenov and Timiryazev streets on the BRT line. Punching of Nazarbayev avenue to Zhansugurov street with a ramp through railway tracks and Khmelnitsky street from Suyunbay avenue to md. Zhas Kanat.


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