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Monday, 27 may 2019
City’s mobility department’s director has been appointed in Almaty
07 february 2019

Sagyndyk Telibayev became the head of the city’s mobility department in Almaty.

He began his career in the civil service as a specialist of the road infrastructure department in the department of Passenger Transport and Highways of Almaty. He passed all the steps, the last few years worked as a deputy head of this department.

The city’s governor set a number of specific tasks for the new administration. They are: the development of road transport infrastructure, improving the quality of passenger service, increasing the level of safety on the roads and creating a smart transport system according to the best international practices. In addition, special attention should be paid to the development of suburban communications, alternative modes of transport (car sharing, taxis, etc.), parking space systems, as well as the creation of bicycle and pedestrian mobility.

It should be noted that 524 streets have already been repaired in Almaty. This year, the average repair will cover more than 120 streets. In addition, new roads will be built in six districts of the city. The punching of Abay avenue and Saiyn street will be continued, as well as the construction of several traffic interchanges.

As part of the ongoing transport reform, only last year, 500 new buses entered the city routes. This year, the update of the city’s bus fleet will continue. For example, at the expense of Almatytelektrotrans LLP, it is planned to purchase another 200 new buses on gas.

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