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Wednesday, 17 july 2019
Almaty’s maslikhat deputies supported the fund’s allocation for the realization of the social program "Bakytty Otbasy"
25 february 2019

During the extraordinary session of the maslikhat of Almaty, the local budget was identified, providing for the allocation of 3 billions out of the planned 5.5 billions tenge to support low-income large families of the city.

According to the head of the Department of Strategy and Budget of the city Ilyas Userov, on behalf of the Almaty governor, funding for a number of non-priority and expensive projects has been optimized, and the funds released will be directed to the implementation of the city social program “Bakytty otbasy” for comprehensive support of low-income large families.

This year, 1.3 billion tenge is allocated for the social housing program “Bakytty Otbasy”.

Since out of 1,276 large and incomplete families in the queue, many do not have the funds to pay the down payment, housing certificates amounting to 1 million tenge will be allocated from the city budget. The down payment will be 10% of the apartment price, the rate - 2% for 18 years. For housing loans on the terms of 50 to 50, together with Zhilstroysberbank, 1 billion tenge is allocated, and also 87.5 millions tenge for the provision of housing assistance for reimbursement of utility costs up to 5%.

166 millions tenge are allocated for the creation of a special Mother Center.

According to the principle of one window, legal and psychological counseling and rehabilitation assistance will be provided here, a kindergarten will be organized. In addition, mothers with many children may be employed in the center.

272.3 millions tenge are allocated for the payment of scholarships to schoolchildren and students.

Scholarships will be paid to excellent students from low-income families. This will stimulate the pursuit of knowledge. Students of universities and colleges - 10 thousand per month, schoolchildren - 5 thousands tenge.

By the program “Bakytty otbasy” for low-income families in Almaty, starting from the second child, the kindergarten will be free, for which this year 131 millions tenge are allocated.

KZT 221 million are allocated for the increase in lump-sum payments.

To support people in difficult life situations, lump sum payments are made. These are those who have lost a breadwinner, got a disability, suffered from violence, fire, waterlogging or other emergency situations. During the year, 4.3 thousand people received such assistance. Since this year, the size of payments has been increased by 2 times - from 25 to 50.5 thousands tenge.

The amount of payments to the poor for the installation of individual metering devices for hot and cold water supply will be increased by 70% from 5 thousands to 8.6 thousands tenge.

In addition, targeted social assistance will be increased for reimbursement of expenses for home-study of disabled children by 30% from 22.7 thousand to 30.3 thousands tenge.

KZT 1 billion is allocated for providing employment to citizens from low-income and large families.

Vocational training and training of unemployed mothers will be organized with the payment of a stipend in the amount of 16.7 thousands tenge, youth practice, employment with subsidies and social work with a monthly salary of 63 thousands tenge.

Earlier, Almaty’s governor Bauyrzhan Baybek during the annual reporting meeting with the population presented the Bakytty Otbasy integrated urban program to support low-income large families, which includes 13 specific measures in 7 directions. Among them, preferential mortgage, retraining and employment, scholarships and free kindergartens, as well as an increase in lump-sum payments from the local budget.

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