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Wednesday, 17 july 2019
A flower laying ceremony took place at the Memorial of Glory in Almaty
09 may 2019

In Almaty, on Victory Day, citizens and guests of the city laid flowers at the Memorial of Glory in the Park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, commemorating the killed soldiers in the Great Patriotic War.

Almaty’s governor Bauyrzhan Baybek emphasized that May 9 would forever remain the Day of Great Victory, pride and sincere respect for the historical feat of front-line soldiers and home front workers. On this sacred day, everyone bows his head before the heroism of the soldiers-liberators.

“Every fifth Kazakhstani went to the war, half of them remained lying on the battlefields. There is not a single family that this war would not touch. From the first days of the war Kazakhstan became the main breadbasket and arsenal of the front. On the territory of our republic 12 rifle, 7 cavalry divisions, 7 brigades, 50 regiments were formed. Four Kazakhstanis became twice heroes of the Soviet Union, 528 became heroes of the Soviet Union and 110,000 were awarded orders of Glory. We will always be proud of courage, and remember the feats of our heroes Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, Talgat Bigeldinov, Aliya Moldagulova and Manshuk Mametova, Sergey Lugansky and Leonid Beda, as well as all the veterans who won the Great Patriotic War. Their names can be listed endlessly, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

The governor of the city noted that the victory was forged by the incredible efforts of each Kazakhstani. Toilers of the rear, and this women, and old people, and children, to provide the front with weapons, food and ammunition worked tirelessly day and night. 35% of all-Union copper was made in the country, 83% of lead, 60% of molybdenum, 65% of metallic bismuth, 9 out of 10 bullets were from Kazakhstan. Kazakhstanis collected 1,5 thousand wagons with clothes and food for the needs of the front, 6 million tons of grain and 700 thousand tons of meat were sent.

“At the cost of incredible, inhuman efforts and sacrifices, courage and bravery, veterans and home front workers gave us a peaceful sky over our heads. They demonstrated an immortal example of true patriotism, tremendous courage and selfless heroism in the name of peace and life on earth in history. Elbasy(the first president) said that "Our respect for the veterans should be as great as their feat." And our sacred duty to provide our veterans and home front workers with respect and honor, support and care. True stories are not subject to time and the exploits of the heroes do not have a statute of limitations. And here, at the Memorial of Glory, I call upon all Almaty residents to pay tribute to our fathers and grandfathers, veterans of the Great Patriotic War with dignity. We will always be indebted to them, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

It should be mentioned that this year the total amount of lump-sum payments for 4,324 veterans and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, as well as those equated to them in Almaty amounted to 540 millions tenge. Veterans are provided with housing and other measures of social support in the form of sanatorium-resort treatment, preferential medicines. The city, together with its sponsors, helps with housing repairs, utility bills, and free travel on public transport. For veterans opened its doors to the country's first center of longevity.

After passing the company of the guard of honor and laying flowers at the Memorial of Glory, the State Brass Band of the Republic of Kazakhstan represented its program, the field kitchen was actuated. Vintage cars were exhibited on the territory of the park and thematic small architectural forms were installed.

At the moment, on the streets of the city passes the procession "Mangilik el - Immortal regiment". A concert "Tagzym!" will be at 20.00 on the square "Astana" by the participation of the symphonic orchestra of the city’s governor of Almaty and the stars of Kazakhstan pop. The festive event will end with a salute at 22.00.

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