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Saturday, 4 july 2020
Bauyrzhan Baybek checked the tempo of reconstruction of Almaty streets
14 june 2019

During the working visit, Bauyrzhan Baybek checked the start of construction work on the modernization of several more streets within the framework of the concept “City for People” and the reconstruction of engineering communications of Almaty.

In order to create a comfortable urban environment this year, energy-efficient road and pavement lighting, outdoor furniture, sports and playgrounds, fountain complexes, etc. will appear on Dostyk avenue, as well as on Zhibek zholy and Baiseitov streets. as well as the installation of an automatic irrigation system.

As part of the modernization of public spaces, the facades of adjacent buildings will be renovated, unused structures, pillars, fences and illegal objects built with the seizure of sidewalks will be removed.

“It is necessary to pay special attention to the high-quality realization and compliance with the deadlines. It is necessary to constantly raise the culture of construction work. For the convenience of citizens, passports of objects with contacts of managers, special barriers and pedestrian ramps, detour signs should be installed everywhere, unhindered check-in and exit from the courtyards should be provided. If necessary, unscrupulous contractors should be severely punished. An analysis of complaints received shows that often residents are not on time informed about the work being done. Therefore, it is necessary to notify citizens and business in advance, having established feedback. Only together, with the support of Almaty residents, we will be able to make our city better, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

On the same day, the head of the city checked the course of modernization of the heating network introduced in 1985 on Tole bi street, which provides nearly half a million citizens with heat and hot water. This year, the reconstruction will be carried out on the sections from Rozybakiyev to Mukanov and from Furkat to Otar, where there were the greatest risks of outbursts. The head of the city instructed to complete all construction work before September 1.

It should be mentioned that over the past 3 years, 737 km of water supply networks and 603 km of water disposal have been built and reconstructed. This year it is planned to complete the construction of another 130 km of water supply and 111 km of sewerage in 6 districts of the city. As a result of the measures taken, it was possible to reduce wear by 5%, accident rate by 8%, and losses by 5.3%.

In general, as part of the “Almaty 2020” Development Program adopted in 2015 after discussing with citizens, 60% of the historical center, almost 600 streets and more than 1,400 old courtyards have been repaired in the metropolis. A third of street lighting was translated into LED and energy-saving lamps, 300 km of irrigation ditches and about 2000 km of utility networks were replaced. All subways of the city updated.

This year, more than 600 courtyards have been renovated, covering 50% of all urban high-rises. An average over 140 streets are being renovated and new roads are being built on 456 streets in 14 microdistricts of the city. On the outskirts of the city, a number of parks, squares and pedestrian zones will be landscaped. In order to create a safe urban environment, new LED lamps will additionally be installed on more than 120 city streets.

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