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Monday, 18 november 2019
B.Sagintayev: improving the standard of living of the population in the new districts of Almaty is on my personal control
03 july 2019

The governor of the city, Bakytzhan Sagintayev continues to get acquainted with the socio-economic situation of the city districts. Today he visited the Nauryzbay district with a working visit.

B. Sagintayev visited to the administrative center, where he got acquainted with the perspective development plan of the district and the main socio-economic indicators. In the PSC located in the Nauryzbay district, the city governor discussed with visitors issues of improving the quality of public services.

The governor of Almaty examined the residential complex under construction in the mkr. Shugyla. During the inspection of the courtyards, B. Sagintayev spoke with the residents, noting that the upcoming hardware meeting will consider the issue of the improvement of the neighborhood.

“We will develop a clear plan, we will define those responsible, whose phone numbers and surnames will be on the maps, so that the residents know who is responsible for this or that section. Creating comfortable living conditions is our responsibility, ”said Almaty’s governor.

Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited the Aksay filtering station, hearing a report on the current status and plans for water supply. In the micro-districts Tausamaly, Akzhar, Kuramys it was entrusted to increase the volumes of water supplied.

“The district is relatively young, five years have passed since the territories were annexed to the city. There is a large private sector here, but people want to live by city standards now, therefore, the relevant departments together with the regional executive committee need to strengthen work in these areas, ”said Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

The governor instructed the district governor S. Togay to daily monitor the progress of the implementation of these instructions today and to be constantly in the areas where work is being done. Also, the governor of the city familiarized himself with the progress of work on the continuation of Abay ave. From st. Yassaui to the border of the city and the construction of a road junction at the intersection with the street. Ashimov.

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