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Tuesday, 20 august 2019
Administration / Administrations structure / Alternates akim / Daribaev Murat Amankeldyevich
The deputy governor of the Almaty city
+7 (727) 272-65-73

He coordinates issues of preventing and eliminating emergencies, civil defense of the city, arranging passenger transportation of passengers and luggage by road, taxi, operating subway lines in the city of Almaty, ensuring traffic safety, preventing crime, including the interaction of crime prevention subjects Local level through specially created interdepartmental commissions under the executive commitee, labor and employment, as well as construction Metro.

Ensures coordinated functioning and interaction with territorial units of central state bodies and other organizations in the field of transport, prevention and liquidation of emergencies, maintenance of public order and national security, overseeing compliance with legislation, human, civil, human rights, administration of justice, international cooperation.

Supervises activities:

1. Administration of passenger transport and highways of Almaty city.

2. The Office of the State Labor Inspection and Migration of Almaty.

3. Office of Employment and Social Programs of Almaty.

4. Health Department of Almaty.

Supervises activities:

1. State utility company on the right of economic management "Rescue Service of the City of Almaty".

2. The state utility company on the right of economic management "Metropolitan".

3. Limited Liability Partnership "Transport Holding".

4. Limited Liability Partnership Almatytelektrotrans.

5. Public utility "Employment Center of Almaty city".

6. The municipal state institution "Almaty City Center for Social Adaptation".

7. Joint-Stock Company Almatymetrokurylys.

Organizes the work:

1. Interdepartmental Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergencies under the akimat of Almaty.

2. City evacuation commission.

3. The draft commission.

4. Anti-crisis headquarters.

5. Commission on subsidizing loss-making socially significant routes around the city of Almaty.

6. The competitive commission of the executive committee of Almaty city on carrying out of competitions for the right of service of routes of regular city, suburban, intercity and inter-regional automobile transportations of passengers and luggage.

7. The Commission of the executive committee of Almaty city for inclusion in the register of bus stations, bus stations and service points of passengers in Almaty.

8. Working group on development of parking infrastructure of Almaty city.

9. Commission for sending children to the House "Hope" and "Zhastar ү yi."

10. Consultative and advisory body under the executive committee of Almaty city to assist in the activities of institutions that carry out criminal penalties and other measures of criminally-legal influence, as well as to organize social and other assistance to persons who have served a criminal sentence.

11. Public Council for the protection of patients' rights under the executive committee of Almaty.

12. The Interdepartmental Commission for the Affairs of Minors and Protection of Their Rights under the executive committee of Almaty.

13. Commission for the settlement of citizens in a public institution "Directorate of the Social apartment building for single pensioners, invalids, single married and married couples of retirement age."

14. Coordination council in the field of social protection of invalids at the executive committee of the Almaty city.

15. Special Commission on the examination of applications of individuals (families), claiming to provide social assistance in connection with the onset of a difficult life situation.

16. The Regional Commission of Almaty on employment issues.

17. Commission for the issuance of permits to attract foreign labor in the city of Almaty.

18. City headquarters to reduce maternal, infant mortality and mortality from diseases of the circulatory system.

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