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Tuesday, 20 august 2019
Administration / Administrations structure / Alternates akim / Makezhanov Sultanbek Almasbekovich
Sultanbek Almasbekovich
The deputy governor of the Almaty city
+7 (727) 271-65-49

He coordinates the questions in the sphere of architecture, town-planning, construction, land relations, state architectural-building controls and the control of using and keeping the land, landscaping, gardening, nature management and ecology.

He fulfills a coordinate functionation and the cooperation with the state body’s territorial departments and the other organizations in the sphere of land relations, architectural- town planning activities, expertises,landscaping, gardening, nature management and ecology.

He directs the activities:

1. The management of architecture and town planning in the city of Almaty.

2. The management of construction in the city of Almaty.

3. The management of land relations in the city of Almaty.

4. The management of state architectural-building controls in the city of Almaty.

5. The control management of using and keeping the land in the city of Almaty.

6.The management of nature resources and the regulation of nature management in the city of Almaty.

He oversees:

1. The limited liability partnership« The executive committee’s capital construction company in the city of Almaty».

2. The limited liability partnership« Scientific- researching institution of «Almatygenplan».

3. Joint stock company «Tartip».

4. The limited liability partnership «Eco Almaty».

5. State communal company on the right of economic management «Almaty tazalyk».

6.State communal institution « State’s regional national park«Medeu».

He organizes:

1. The council of town planning in the city of Almaty.

2.The coordinating council for realization of the housing construction programme «Nurly zher» in the Almaty city’s executive committee.

3. The land commission in the city of Almaty.

4.The competitive commission for identifying a private partner by the project of state-private partnership.

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