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Tuesday, 28 january 2020
Ilyas Yerikovich
Deputy Akim of Almaty
Reception day and hours: Tuesday 14.30 h. Office 616a
+7 (727) 271-66-67

Coordinates issues in the field of strategy and budget, state assets, digitalization.

Ensures coordinated functioning and interaction with territorial divisions of central government bodies and other organizations in the areas of economic development, budget policy and financial instruments, financial control, tax and customs policy, and banking.

Administers the activity of:

  1. The Office of Strategy and Budget of the city of Almaty;
  2. Office of state assets of the city of Almaty.

Supervises activities of:

  1. Joint Stock Company “Development Center of the City of Almaty”.

Organizes the work of:

  1. The Budget Commission of the city of Almaty;
  2. Commission on the optimization of legal entities and real estate owned by the city.






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