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Sunday, 5 april 2020
Administration / Administrations structure / Alternates akim / Kozhagapanov Erlan Toktarkhanuly
Erlan Toktarkhanuly
First Deputy Akim of Almaty
Reception day and hours: Monday 14.30 h. Office 549
+7 (727) 272-65-73

Coordinates issues in the field of emergency prevention and response, civil defense of the city, urban mobility, passenger transport and roads, social welfare, labor, employment, road safety, crime prevention, including the organization of interaction of crime prevention subjects at the local level through specially created interdepartmental commissions under the akimat of the city of Almaty, labor and employment.

Ensures coordinated functioning and interaction with territorial divisions of central government bodies and other organizations in the field of urban mobility, prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, social protection, ensurement of public order and national security, monitoring compliance with laws, rights, freedoms of invdividuals and citizen, international cooperation.

Administers activity of:

  1. The Department of Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure Development of Almaty;
  2. Department of Housing Policy of the city of Almaty;
  3. Almaty City Mobility Directorate;
  4. Almaty Green Economy Directorate;
  5. Department of social welfare of the city of Almaty.

Supervises activities of:

  1. State public utility enterprise exercising operational management over "Almaty Su";
  2. LLP "Almaty Teplokommunenergo";
  3. LLP "Almaty Heating Networks";
  4. State public utility enterprise exercising operational management over "Almaty Kala Zharyk";
  5. LLP "Almaty turgyn ui";
  6. State public utility enterprise exercising operational management over "Metropolitan";
  7. LLP "Almatyelektrotrans";
  8. LLP "Almaspetstechparking service";
  9. Communal State Institution “Almaty Employment Center”;
  10. Communal State Institution “Almaty City Center for Social Adaptation”;
  11. State public utility enterprise exercising operational management over the "Rescue Service of the city of Almaty";
  12. LLP "ECO Almaty";
  13. State public utility enterprise exercising operational management over "Almaty tazalyk";
  14. Municipal state institution "State Regional Natural Park" Medeu".

Organizes the work of:

  1. The Interdepartmental Commission for the Prevention and Response of Emergencies in Almaty;
  2. Draft commission;
  3. Evacuation Commission of the city of Almaty;
  4. Anti-crisis headquarters under the akimat of Almaty;
  5. Competition Commission of the Akimat of Almaty on the conduct of competitions for the right to service routes of regular city, suburban, intercity and interregional road transport of passengers and baggage;
  6. Commission on tariffs for city communications in the city of Almaty;
  7. The Working Group on the development of proposals on measures for the implementation of the project "Construction and operation of a light rail line (express tram) in the city of Almaty";
  8. A tender committee to determine a private partner for public-private partnership projects;
  9. Commission for the settlement of citizens in the municipal public institution “Directorate of the Social Residential Building for single pensioners, disabled people, single married couples and retirement age couples”;
  10. Coordinating Council in the field of social protection of disabled people under the akimat of Almaty;
  11. A special commission to review applications of a person (family) applying for social assistance due to the onset of a difficult life situation;
  12. Almaty Regional Commission for Employment;
  13. Commission for issuing permits to attract foreign labor to the city of Almaty;
  14. The Interagency Commission for the organization and conduct of an inventory (certification) of social infrastructure facilities for compliance with an accessible environment for the disabled;
  15. The headquarters for the preparation of the municipal economy for operation during heating period;
  16. Housing Commission of the Akimat of Almaty.









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